KARAMID Fiber Technology Co., Ltd

Who We Are

KARAMID with more than 10 years of industrial experience, KARAMID is dedicated to supply high quality aramid fibers and develop aramid composites.
Currently KARAMID is able to supply over 3000 tons of high-strength and high-modulus para-aramid from 100 to 9000 Denier, which are widely used in hoses, optical cable, tyre cords and bulletproof. Processed fiber products, such as staple fiber, short-cut fiber, pulp, fabric are also available at 500 tons per year.

Quality assurance department

Equipped with advanced laboratory testing equipment and professional testing personnel to ensure the stability of production and quality of products. Technical staff are always ready to support our customers if any problem occurred during the usage of our products.

Reliable Aramid Fibers Partner

KARAMID sticks to quality improvement and cost reduction of aramid production, aiming to make aramid products applied to more scenarios in our life. ‘More than a supplier’ is our motto. Based on our capacity and technology, we are confident to be your reliable supplier and trustworthy problem solver.


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